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The is constantly striving to bring the best content and blogs from people to a single platform to help those who want to feed good things to their brain. We give a common platform for people in the form of guest blogging who have myriads of suggestions and interesting things to share with masses with positive attitude and motive. So if you are also keen to be a part of such platform to serve the people by guiding and educating them then just write interesting blogs and articles and share them on Keep the following things in mind while sending your articles and blogs to us in order to avoid any rejection.

Write interesting blogs on News, Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology and Business

If any of the above mentioned categories falls under your writing interest you can pen down your thoughts, ideas, tips and tricks for The ideas must be unique and interesting so that readers do not lose their interest in between. The only purpose of creating this platform that is is to educate people who takes interest in above said fields.


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Only Plagiarism free Blogs gets approved by us

If you have unique and relevant, interesting ideas, tips, tricks and blogs to share in the niche of News, Business, Technology, Health, Lifestyle and Finance then is ready to welcome them wholeheartedly. You must abide by the general rules for sharing your blogs and articles with us. If your blog or article is found to be plagiarized from somewhere it will be deemed for rejection.

Your content should not be harsh to any religion

We do not support posts which are anti to humanity, cast, religion and faith of a person. Derogatory and insensible bogs are also not approved by the to maintain the prestige and motif of this platform. A good writer who is writing for healthy motifs never write ill to any other religion and cast. We do not want our readers to get offensive and feel bad about our posts and they should purely be based on the idea of educating them with good content.

Ideal Length of blog or articles to share

You can share a post which is length enough to retain the interest of the audience. Short posts are considered insignificant to educate on a topic and they do not contain much information according to people ideology. As a result of which you must share a standard post from 700 words in the minimum side and can go beyond that as well. Posts that are below the count of seven hundred words are not approved by us as they are also not selected by the readers to read on So keep this point in mind while you are writing a blog or article to us for sharing your ideas on a significant topic with masses.

Where to send your articles and Blogs?

If you feel you have good ideas, interesting tips on any of the foresaid category to share with us then just share your posts on Newsrideorg{@} at anytime. We will approve it as soon as possible if we find it qualify all the norms and terms which are genuine and cannot be ignored. There is no bar of sending the blogs and you can send as many as post to get them posted on our platform. More you can drop them to our email box round the clock without any issue about the timing.

This is how you can write good blogs for us in order to let the people read your ideas and suggestions for sure. We have a good range of traffic regularly and monthly basis and our site traffic can help you to spread your ideas very easily. We never hesitate to spread good and positive writings to our readers and influence them with brilliant brains. So just send your articles to us and we will post is on priority basis if they do not breach any policy of approval that holds.


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